ICA- Acom A Aneurysm Microsurgical Clipping


 Cervical Myelopathy OPLL


 Spinal Tumour Operated


 Spinal Surgery for Sp'listhesis Spinal Fixation


 Pediatric (Child) Brain Tumour Operated


 Stroke Hemorrhage Surgery


 Young Man with Ruptured Brain Aneurysm Microsurgical


 Ant Thoracic Spinal Reconstruction in a Case Of Spinal Trauma- Good Recovery

 Brain Tumor, Astrocytoma II, a Lady from Tripura. Good Recovery Full Head shaving not necesary for Brain Surgery
 Brain Tumor, Astro II Eloquent Area Awake Surg MB, Postoperative
 Cerebellar Tumor in a Child . Postperative photos of the Child
 Cerv Spacer
 Cervical Spinal Cord Tumor( IDEM) Anterolateral Microsurgical Total Excicision with Full Recovery

 Cervical Spine Injury Reconstruction Using Titanium Plates Medtronic Inc


 Cervical Spine Surgery- Reconstruction

 Cervical Spine Tuberculosis with Tetra Paresis Complete Recovery Following Anterior Decompression and Fixation  and ATT
 Colloid Cyst Excision



 Diam Clinical Photo Dynamic Stabilisation- Interspinous Using DIAM Medtronic


 International Minimallly Invasive Spine Surgery- Live WorkshopSeungcheol Lee n PP Bishnu. Live Demo Minimal
 Access Spine Surgery for Lumbar Canal Stenosis


 Large Brain Tumor Meningioma


 Microsurgery for Skull Base Meningioma


 Minimal Access Spinal Disc Surgery


 Medulloblastoma in Child Operative Microsurgery


 Odontoid Screw Fixation in C2 Injury


 OD Screw Patient Walking Post

 Para PCom a Aneurysm
 Pituitary Adenoma Endoscopic Removal
 Pediatric Neurosurgery & Neuroanaesthesia, Intracranial Spontaneous Hemorrhage
 Pituitary Tumor Surgery
Posterior Fossa Tumor in an Adult showing operative microsurgery . Postoperative Patient
 Skull Base Mass in a Child Operated By Transnasal Transsphenoidal

 Total Microsurgical Excision

 TL Spine Injury Reconstruction Using Stand Alone Titanium Cage by Medtronic’s Inc